Al Barile (a.k.a. Lethal) - Guitar

Jamie Sciarappa - Bass

Chris Foley - Drums

Springa - Vocals

Francoise Levesque - Lead Guitar


SSD was formed in 1981.

SSD first attempt at recording began at Oak Grove Studios. The only problem was the 8 track recorder would overheat and stop. It didn't make much of a difference because we had no clue what we were doing.

SSD continued recording with at a new Kenmore Square Recording Studio launched by Jimmy Dufour called RadioBeat.

Radiobeat was located in the current site of of Pizzeria Uno

SSD starting playing live shows at the famous Gallery East in the summer of 1981 and released a demo called "How Much Art". This demo was a piercing shot at the current state of music in the stagnant Boston Music Scene.

(Some things never change)

In 1982 Al Barile started XCLAIM records and released the 18 song album "The Kids Will Have Their Say"
Produced by Mike Bastarache and Lou Giordano

In 1983 Francoise Levesque joined SSD and XCLAIM released the seven song album "Get it Away"
Produced by Mike Bastarache and Lou Giordano

In 1984 SSD recorded "How We Rock" and released it on Modern Method
Produced by Mike Bastarache and Lou Giordano

In 1985 SSD recorded and released "Break It Up" on Homestead Records
Produced by Lou Giordano and SSD with assistance from Mike Bastarache

In 1985 SSD played their final show at Suffolk University and called it quits

In 1991 Taang released "Power"
A compilation of SSD recordings on compact disc

XCLAIM records was launched in 1982
1st release was SSD "The Kids Will Have Their Say"
Five other releases followed:
SSD "Get it Away"
FU'S "Kill for Christ"
*DYS "Brotherhood"
FU'S "My America"
*JERRYS KIDS "Its My World"*

*Reissued on Taang Records

Taang Records
706 Pismo Court
San Diego CA
(619) 488-5950

Our Crew

Lou Giordano, Producer/Soundman

Tony Perez & Andy Strahan,

Jake Phelps



Photo Glen E. Friedman


SSD performed in such cities as Boston,
Washington DC, New York, Detroit,
Los Angelas, San Francisco, Montreal,
Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, & Philadelphia.


Where Are They Now ?

"Members of the Boston Crew"
Al, Dickie Barrett & Dave Smalley
@ 1996 Warped Tour

An SSD/DYS Reunion

Jamie Angie John Al

Guitarist, Al sold all his equipment and retired from music to concentrate on college and Jet Sking. In 1994 he bought a P Bass and formed GAGE.

Vocalist, Springa continued and played in several bands and eventually moved to Chicago to pursue acting.

Bass Player, Jamie Sciarappa joined Slapshot but left in 1990 when he moved to Los Angeles. He later formed an alternative Metal/Hard Rock band called My Eye. Sciarappa returned to the Boston area in 2005 and is a High School Teacher

Guitarist,Francoise Levesque played with a few bands before joining Al to form GAGE. Levesque has since left GAGE and is currently not playing music.

Drummer, Chris Foley joined Crime & Punishment, Bulkhead, Jennifer Trynin, Star Ghost Dog

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